Documentary Films

GEKKO has work program entitled SHARE THE WORLD FOR BETTER LIFE, which represents our efforts to proliferate information concerning practical, effective technologies to rural and urban communities, which can be used to improve their life quality. In this program Gekko Studio embarks on initial researches to identify the kind of information the target groups need to open way to social engineering that is in accordance with the existing cultural values.

Profile Films

Does your company or organization have a story that needs to be told on a grand scale? Is your organization considering heritage management? Via Gekko Studio, we can help with profile video production. With our experience in producing documentary and environment campaign video, we can do our best to produce the high quality of your video profile. With an interesting and powerful story which still stick to the line.


Since 2007 we have trained Indigenous People in Papua to produce an environmental campaign film.
Monitoring the film produced by community with screening that have done before “save people and forest in Papua” at 2008-2009
2012 we trained people on how to make a film in Timor Leste
Besides training, Gekko Studio also have an internship program from university and high school students who wants to learn about documentary film making.

Stock Footage

Due to climate change and rapid development and deforestation, land cover was change a lot since 1999 and we still have the stock footage especially in illegal logging case.