Yudi Nofiandi

Director, Production Manager, Videographer

Started his carier as a forest crime investigator in Telapak. Which is a high risk job, but has given a lot of experience. When joining Gekko Studio at 2006 he has no basic skill at all about film making, but he learns fast and try by himself. Eventhough he never had a special training before, he has already trained a lot of community about film making.

Eko Krisna

Videographer, Film Editor

Previously he was working at Harapan Rainforest as a botanist in Jambi Province for 4 years. His passion on documentary video started on his interest in environmet issue and outdoors activities give him inspiration to create a film.

Melly Nurmawati

Film Editor

She has been interested about film since Junior High School but a chance to make a movie by her own is coming she joined with Gekko Studio in 2007. Her first film is “Aleta Baun” screened at Nepal Indigenous People Film Festival in 2009, she is also a film manager and venue manager for South to South Film Festival 2008 and 2010 an environment film festival in Indonesia.

Yeni Febriani

Finance & Administration

Yeni Febriani was born in Bogor on February 12nd, 1989. She has experience working as finance in company for 6 years. Her experiences of work lead her to work in Gekko Studio since 2015. She is easily to adapt with Gekko Studio's work environment. As a finance staff, She is hard worker, quick learner and able to work under pressure.